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When they use big words like catastrophic to describe the rain pelting your home you tend to wonder what is going on. The local news seems focused on the worst case scenarios which for once are pretty accurate in Houston. Everyone here seems to know someone who needs to be rescued because their house is… Continue reading Catastrophic

Human Trafficking

Beauty Bags 101

The entryway is dark. We knock on the door, but there's no answer. We wait. It's a bit awkward but we believe someone is inside. A blinking light on a camera in the corner of the ceiling tells us someone is watching. A few minutes later a woman answers. She doesn't speak English. We offer… Continue reading Beauty Bags 101

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Book Giveaway: Murder Mezzo Forte

2017 Selah Award Finalist He is a reclusive history professor with musical hallucinations, she a headstrong professor of religion. Earlier, they solved a campus murder, but now police say they formed two-thirds of an illicit love triangle with a newly-murdered female colleague and ... are probably guilty of her murder. A leak of the alleged… Continue reading Book Giveaway: Murder Mezzo Forte

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Book Giveaway: Worth the Wait

 Ellie Lansing has a picture-perfect life with a close-knit family and the perfect boyfriend. But her world is suddenly knocked off center when her drool-worthy boyfriend cheats, and her always-has-it-together mother is diagnosed with cancer. Ellie doesn't get it. She always does the right thing- doesn't God owe her a happy life? Through her heartache,… Continue reading Book Giveaway: Worth the Wait

Human Trafficking


I believe that in everyone's life there comes a moment when you know the right thing to do. Perhaps you are struggling with school, career, marriage, or children. We all face decisions on a daily basis that affect the rest of our lives. The question is: Are we strong enough to do the right thing?… Continue reading MOVEment

Book Reviews

The Delusion Giveaway

WE ALL HAVE OUR DEMONS By March of Owen Edmonds' senior year, eleven students at Lincoln Forest High School have committed suicide. Amid the media frenzy and fanatical onlookers, Owen remains levelheaded - that is until he encounters his own near death experience and wakes to a distressing new reality. Everyone he sees appears shackled… Continue reading The Delusion Giveaway

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You’re okay, I’m okay

When is the last time you rocked the boat? I don't mean through an antagonistic Facebook rant. I mean when is the last time you looked someone, you care about, in the eye and said something they didn't want to hear? Yes, because we as Christians, we have become too comfortable in our pew seats. We… Continue reading You’re okay, I’m okay

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A Worthy Challenge

Today I'm opening my blog to Savanna Kaiser. Savanna is an avid writer and blogger, you can find her at The Engrafted Word. Savanna welcomed me to her blog a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it so much I asked her to visit us.  Thanks for joining us, Savanna! *** Ever since I was young,… Continue reading A Worthy Challenge