Human Trafficking

The Girl Next Door

The cool A/C air chilled me to the bone. My gritty throat isn’t soothed by the dry swallowing. A glance into my review mirror tells me nobody is around, yet I feel like I’m being watched. Why am I so paranoid? It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong. I need this and most people would understand that a man has desires. It isn’t like I’m cheating on Molly. She is happy to be home with our children. She’s a great mom, so patient and loving. I married up that’s for sure. This woman doesn’t mean anything. I won’t even ask her name. I’m not looking to make friends. I come because she understands my needs.

I shut off the engine and open my car door. I walk up to the last door in the long strip mall. The windows are tinted dark, once I’m inside the feeling of being watched fades away. They know why I’m here, but I still have to ask. “Any specials today?” Those three words open the door to my fantasies.


Human Trafficking pic


The lure of human trafficking is moving across this country at a disturbing speed. People’s mentality of “live and let live” is encouraging the spread of sex trade. You might be asking yourself, WHAT? I think we all feel to some degree that whatever someone does behind closed doors is their business. I don’t need to know or care. Yet, what if their choices involve a girl being held against her will? A child who doesn’t understand why they must do things that steal their childhood. Dear reader, these things are happening in your city, even in your neighborhood.


Perhaps life is moving too fast. We don’t take the time to stop and question the number of massage parlors, reflexology, or nail salons opening on every street corner in suburbia. Did you know these are often fronts for sex trade? I recently took a ministry-based tour of the area surrounding my house. Within three miles of my house, driving down just one road, we counted 4 verified brothels hiding behind the name of nails or massage.  When we turned onto another major road, we drove a few more miles and counted close to 10.

The city of Houston claims to see a reduction in the sex trade establishments in town, well I can’t help but wonder if they are being driven out of town and into the suburbs.  Why are these places moving into our neighborhoods? Because there is a demand.every 30 seconds

Who are they targeting? People involved in pornography are a common client. Yet, I believe they are targeting our fathers, husbands, sons. This is a personal attack on our families. When God tells us to guard our hearts and minds, it’s because we live in a fallen world. Our society has lost its moral compass. When there are websites available online that list local brothels and ask that you rate your experience, well… there aren’t words for it.

So many of my readers contacted me after my last blog post. They said, God has been prompting me to get involved but I don’t know what to do. I would say the first thing to do is tell someone you want to help, contact a local ministry. I assure you this epidemic is worldwide, so there’s a ministry near you that needs your help. Google it. Ask them what you can do to help. You can simply be a prayer partner, make meals, investigate businesses, or be a voice of reason by blogging. There are so many options. Above all else, pray. God has a plan, so ask Him to show you your place.

Local/National Resources:

Polaris Project

Rescue Houston

Elijah Rising

The MOVEment


Renting Lacy


American Girls, The Secret Life of Teenagers






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