Posted in August 2012

Book Review: Once We Were Brothers

Have you ever finished reading a book and been disappointed? Not because it was poorly written, but because it touched you so deeply you can’t seem to let the story go? I am experiencing this now. I just finished reading, Once We Were Brothers, and I am sad that I am done. I am only … Continue reading

Our favorite Banana Bread Recipe

The warm spicy smell of banana bread baking in the oven always draws my kids into our kitchen. I believe hot banana bread right out of the oven is one of the best tastes in the world. It is so comforting and soothing. The warmth, as you take that first bite, just spreads from the … Continue reading

It is Well with My Soul

I love history.  All types of history fascinate me.  I believe that is one of the reasons that I love reading the Bible as much as I do, because I enjoy reading about the past.  When I read fiction, the first books I am drawn to are historical in nature.  When I write I enjoy … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, John!

Four years ago, our son John was born. It was on the opening day of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and we watched as China opened its doors to the world. Everyone was anxious to observe how the media would be handled or how certain international relationships might be handled, but everything about the Olympics was … Continue reading

Quiche Lorraine

During the hot summer months, one of our favorite evening meals consists of Quiche Lorraine, a simple salad, and crusty French bread.  It is a light meal and easy to prepare, which is perfect on those days when the temperature outside climbs up over 100 degrees.  I found the base for my current recipe online … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Seven years ago our world changed, it shifted in a way that is difficult to describe in mere words.  How does a person adequately relate the moment when they realize love is boundless? That there is not a limit to the love you feel for your child. How do you give words to the emotion … Continue reading