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“That’s Not Abuse.”

We can watch sitcoms or movies and see unhealthy relationships portrayed as exciting or normal. While in the movies the victim of abuse might be rescued by an observant character or take matters into their own hands and kill the abuser in self-defense. I would not recommend anyone in a dangerous situation wait to be… Continue reading “That’s Not Abuse.”

Human Trafficking

Beauty Bags 101

The entryway is dark. We knock on the door, but there's no answer. We wait. It's a bit awkward but we believe someone is inside. A blinking light on a camera in the corner of the ceiling tells us someone is watching. A few minutes later a woman answers. She doesn't speak English. We offer… Continue reading Beauty Bags 101

Human Trafficking


I believe that in everyone's life there comes a moment when you know the right thing to do. Perhaps you are struggling with school, career, marriage, or children. We all face decisions on a daily basis that affect the rest of our lives. The question is: Are we strong enough to do the right thing?… Continue reading MOVEment