Posted in July 2012

Life in our house

Life has been hectic this week. John has been sick, but he is finally getting better. We have had several people in the house doing different repairs for us. Plus, we are getting ready for a big weekend with our family this weekend. We have company coming into town to celebrate our kids birthday’s with … Continue reading

Welcome back to my kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen. I tend to run a pretty tight ship in my kitchen. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner at home most days. I plan my menus ahead of time, since it is easier to know each morning what I will be cooking for dinner that night.  Lately, since I have started writing … Continue reading


“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 I see angels everywhere. I see them in pictures hanging in people’s homes.  We have one on the shelf in our living room. Bethany keeps a precious moment’s angel statue in her room she … Continue reading

Sally Ride, a woman with a legacy

Sally Ride passed away today.  She was 61 and died from pancreatic cancer.   Many will remember her as the first woman to go into space.  She was the mission specialist for mission STS-7 aboard the shuttle Challenger which launched on June 18, 1983.  She secured her place in history that day and became a role model … Continue reading

What’s Cooking?

We tried a new recipe this week.  In our home that can be a dangerous thing, since that means someone might go to bed hungry.  In this case, we had tremendous success. I enjoy cooking and like to try new recipes, but since having children new recipes has become a bit of a lost art … Continue reading

Thank you

Today was a roller coaster kind of day. It started out great, then plummeted about 3 pm and went up and down from there. It wasn’t me (honest Abe!) it was my kids (it is always my kids! :)). Everything was fine until I dropped Bethany off for a play date at a friend’s house, … Continue reading

Welcome to Suburbia

Welcome to my little corner of suburbia.    Thank you for stopping by!    Today is the beginning of a new journey for me.  Blogging!  Please join me as we talk about kids, faith in God, and the crazy things that happen in our lives.  I also look forward to reviewing great books and talking about … Continue reading