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Do you have special birthday traditions?

We had two big birthdays in our house last month.  My daughter turned eight and my son turned five. Since their birthdays are only five days apart, we live knee deep in birthday cake for a week every year. Like every kid, my children look forward to their special day.  But, mine know when their … Continue reading

A Special Surprise

After months of prayer today finally arrived. My kids woke up bright eyed and ready for their first day of school.  I knew they were covered in prayer, so as a mother, I held back on my worries and instead focused on preparing lunches and giving kisses. As the big yellow bus rolled to stop, … Continue reading

Is Kindergarten really ready for us?

Today was John’s last day of preschool. Tonight we attended his preschool graduation and watched him graduate with his friends. It was incredibly sweet to see him greet his friends. He was so excited as he ran up and talked with them.  He will miss them now that school is over.  I am thankful that … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, John!

Four years ago, our son John was born. It was on the opening day of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and we watched as China opened its doors to the world. Everyone was anxious to observe how the media would be handled or how certain international relationships might be handled, but everything about the Olympics was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Seven years ago our world changed, it shifted in a way that is difficult to describe in mere words.  How does a person adequately relate the moment when they realize love is boundless? That there is not a limit to the love you feel for your child. How do you give words to the emotion … Continue reading

Thank you

Today was a roller coaster kind of day. It started out great, then plummeted about 3 pm and went up and down from there. It wasn’t me (honest Abe!) it was my kids (it is always my kids! :)). Everything was fine until I dropped Bethany off for a play date at a friend’s house, … Continue reading