God Moments, Kids

A Special Surprise

Bethany: First day of 3rd grade
John: First day of Kindergarten

After months of prayer today finally arrived. My kids woke up bright eyed and ready for their first day of school.  I knew they were covered in prayer, so as a mother, I held back on my worries and instead focused on preparing lunches and giving kisses.

As the big yellow bus rolled to stop, we lagged behind our kids.  John and Bethany were a few steps ahead of us, excitement propelling them forward as they eagerly followed their friends on board. God had a special surprise in store for me this morning. He sent a sweet reminder of His love and promise to provide extra care for my kids today.  Sitting in the drivers seat of the bus was an old friend, someone I have not seen in close to nine years.  Joy filled my heart and laughter bubbled out as I saw her sitting in that drivers seat.

Rhonda and I first met when I moved to Houston 16 years ago.  I took a job working at a local church as their Youth secretary and Rhonda worked in a same office.  We became good friends and even after I left that job to return to a corporate job, Rhonda and I still kept in touch.  She would come to family dinners and formed a friendship with my mother.  Life sometimes brings about difficult circumstances and shortly after I left my job at the church, Rhonda’s husband was diagnosed with cancer.  I was privileged to know her husband and spend time with him as we drove together to the medical center on a few occasions for his treatments.  At the time, it was a matter of seeing a friend in need and stepping in to fill it.  I didn’t do it for any other reason, but I loved Rhonda and wanted to help her and Paul.

Now, years later, God has brought Rhonda back into my life, after a move, job and a church change.  At the exact time as my youngest is starting Kindergarten.  I can’t help but think of those days when I drove her husband into downtown Houston. Now, she is driving my kids to school. This is the hand of God.  He is blessing me and I am so thankful. Seeing her drive the bus this morning, gave me such peace.  God is so good.

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