Welcome to Suburbia

Welcome to my little corner of suburbia.    Thank you for stopping by!    Today is the beginning of a new journey for me.  Blogging!  Please join me as we talk about kids, faith in God, and the crazy things that happen in our lives.  I also look forward to reviewing great books and talking about my love of writing.

When I first felt God prompting me to blog, “I thought surly not me, God!”  I mean, aren’t there enough bloggers? I resisted for a while and tried hard to fight it, but He is very persistent and now months later here I sit typing this post to you. Why do we try to argue with God and convince Him that we shouldn’t do what He says we should do?  When honestly, we know in the end, we are going to do exactly what He has told us to do in the first place.  God is so patient with me. I continually test His patience as a child, a parent, and as a wife.  I know part of the reason I resisted blogging was out of fear. What if I fail? What if I don’t have anything to write about? The more I pondered on these possibilities the more the fear of failing paralyzed me.  How many areas of our lives do we allow fear to rule our hearts and guide our actions?  While reading Matthew 8:26, “He said to them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith ?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm.”  I was deeply convicted when I read of how Jesus calmed the sea.  If he can control the sea, then can’t he also handle my blog?

It is very exciting to have this chance to share my passion for life with you!   Thanks for joining me on this new journey.


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Suburbia”

  1. congratulations!!! i never thought i’d have anything to say on a blog, but here i am 2 & a half years later & i manage to keep having things to say!!!! it has been an encouragement to me to blog & i hope i’ve been an encouragement to others & it’s a very good way to share your faith. it’s also like “free therapy”!!!! just don’t stress over it, don’t feel pressured to post every day & enjoy it!!! AND we STILL need to do lunch one saturday!!!!! love you bunches!!!


    1. Thanks, Dorothy! Free therapy sounds pretty good to me. lol I am enjoying it. If it gets to the point where it isn’t fun anymore, then it will be time to re-evaluate. I want this to be a fun thing to do in my life. Love ya, lady! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Great start to your new adventure. I’m proud of you sweetie. You’re a beautiful God loving woman and I’m proud to call you my daughter.


    1. Brandy, welcome to my new adventure! 🙂 I love that saying. It is so perfect for what I am feeling these days. I hope you will stop by often and offer up more wisdom and insight. I am sure I will need it! 🙂 Love you, dear friend. I am so thankful for you!!


    1. Thanks, Scarlett! I am thankful that God has brought this new opportunity into my life. I can see how it is going to be an area where I can grow spiritually and also as a writer. I just know that growing can also be painful. I am such a wimp when it comes to pain! 🙂 Bear with me dear lady. I am so happy you are sharing this journey with me!


  3. Hi Stacey! Congrats on your new venture! I found your blog to be inspiring as I am currently praying for His guidance as well in deciding to commit myself to my new career path. He is so faithful and defitinely gives me the conviction to plug along and make the best of a conflicting situation. I look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Thanks, Michelle! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog. I hope things at work are going well at work. I look forward to hearing about how things are going on that front. Take care, dear friend. Love you guys.


  4. Great!! Now remember to post your blog updates on FB so i don’t miss them! Include those great annecdotes about the kids and what is on your heart to encourage and uplift your fellow women!


    1. Thanks for following my blog, Nancy! I will be happy to post updates on FB. I have lots of funny kid stories, so no worries on that front. I pray that I am an encouragement to those who read along the way. Your prayers are certainly appreciated, dear friend.


  5. Stacey, I enjoyed reading you thoughts and insights. Now a jab from your loving and adoring aunt. You really thought you may not have something to say?!! That has never been an issue for you. Remember the quiet game? Lol! I do look forward to reading your blogs. God is good and faithful.


    1. I do remember the quiet game! In fact, I practice it with my own children. You know they inherited my ability to be able to talk about anything and everything. Thanks for following my blog. I always love hearing from you!!


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