Welcome back to my kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen. I tend to run a pretty tight ship in my kitchen. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner at home most days. I plan my menus ahead of time, since it is easier to know each morning what I will be cooking for dinner that night.  Lately, since I have started writing and blogging, my little organized world has become more… well… disorganized.  I will admit that at first it stressed it me out! Now, I am learning to roll with it a bit more.  Like today, it was busy here today. When we are home all day, but have a lot going on, it’s hard to find the energy to also cook a big meal at the end of the day. On days like this it is nice to have a few quick and easy recipes to fall back on for dinner time.

Here is our favorite fried rice recipe. It has simple in the name and that is a great descriptive word. It is easy to make and tastes great.

Simple Fried Rice Recipe at

We are always looking for a good fried rice recipe to make here at home. I need something that is easy and quick, but which also has a good flavor. My husband found this recipe on  I hope you enjoy it just as much my family. It has become one of our favorite dishes.

For dessert, I am recommending Blue Bell’s new July flavor, Summer Strawberry Pie. It is like eating cold strawberry pie that is ice cream… wait! That is the whole idea, isn’t it? Sometimes, we just have to treat ourselves and enjoy the taste of summer. Hurry, because July is almost over and I think this flavor is only available during July. That is probably a good thing for me!

Happy Cooking!

2 thoughts on “Welcome back to my kitchen”

  1. heartily recommend BlueBell ANY FLAVOR for dessert…. and if it is too hot to cook then just go directly to the ice cream. 🙂


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