Human Trafficking

Beauty Bags 101

The entryway is dark. We knock on the door, but there’s no answer. We wait. It’s a bit awkward but we believe someone is inside. A blinking light on a camera in the corner of the ceiling tells us someone is watching. A few minutes later a woman answers. She doesn’t speak English. We offer a beauty bag and pray with her, then she’s gone. The door is closed. We move onto the next house, hoping that next time we will get to ask her name. Sex trafficking is in our neighborhoods. Mine, yours, everywhere.

What can I do to help?

Beauty Bag Party.


Gather a few friends together. This isn’t something that requires a church or special setting just willing hands to assemble bags. We did it with a few families when Elijah Rising hosted one at our church and assembled close to 50 bags. This ministry will visit the victims caught in sex trafficking. They pray with the girls and offer them a beauty bag, and during repeat visits try to establish a relationship of trust.  Each 20170815_201947bag is the means by which volunteers meet the girls. It’s filled with some essentials they might not receive otherwise. Shampoo, conditioner, hair brush, deodorant, body wash, soap, makeup, feminine products, underwear, notebooks, pens, etc.

These excursions are not just an attempt to minister to the women. The women who are reaching out bring their husbands or another male who reaches out to the men soliciting sex from these captives.  They offer to pray with the men and explain these women are not there willingly. Most of the men who purchase time with these girls believe that the girls enjoy this business and don’t realize they aren’t earning any money or going home to families. These girls are trapped and afraid.



If you aren’t in the Houston area, then google sex trafficking ministries in your area and you’ll find one willing to take your bags.

Heb 13_16

In the Bible, we read that we are to share with those in need and love them as Christ loves us. These two verses speak directly to the heart of this ministry. They are the hands and feet of Christ ministering to the lost and broken. We can help these ministries by keeping them supplied with beauty bags.

If you have any questions, you can contact Elijah Rising through their website.




4 thoughts on “Beauty Bags 101”

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for bringing that up. I was trying to show that everyone can help and participate without the event taking place in a church or even be affiliated with a church. I know a lot of people who enjoy that show, so I used it as an example. I don’t associate sex trafficking with The Bachelor, but understand your concern. I’m going to remove that line since it raised a red flag. I certainly don’t want to cause anyone to be confused or offended.


  1. Thanks for continuing to share these ministries with us Stacey! I needed this awareness as to what is going on around us and creative ways to reach out. Learning so much from you and your blog. 🙂


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