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Author Eleanor Clark talks about Katie Sue, Heading West

Katie Sue, Heading West

(Helping Your Child Through Change)


Thoughts from author Eleanor Clark on the release of her new book, Katie Sue, Heading West.


Eleanor, can you tell us a little about your new book, Katie Sue, Heading West?

Sure! Thanks for asking. I love this story. It is (mostly) Set in the mid 1800’s when Americans were heading west, and (like the other stories in The Eleanor Series) loosely based on my family’s real story. In this sweet tale, seven-year-old Chelsea Marie isn’t happy about the fact that her family is getting ready to move all the way across the country. Why does she have to start all over again, making new Friends? When Grand Doll shares the story of Katie Sue – a young relative who traveled by wagon train with her family from Tennessee to Texas in 1850 – Chelsea learns that she can truly trust the Lord with all of the changes in her life, even the really big ones. (NOTE: From August 15th – 19th this book will be free on kindle!)



So, this story is a story about the changes that children go through? Can you elaborate?

Yes, sometimes we get so comfortable in our own little world. It’s hard to move from that comfortable place into something new. Transitioning to a new home (and a new school) is especially difficult on children. I dealt with that issue in this story. Katie Sue moves (by wagon train) from Tennessee to Texas. Along the way, she learns to trust God with the changes she’s going through. That is the resounding message of the story: trusting God as you go through changes. What a great message for girls, but what a great message for grown-ups, too!


What advice would you give parents as their children transition from one home (or school) to another?

Always assure them that they will make new friends and that they are not alone. This is the key thing. Kids need to know that God is right there beside them, even when everything else is changing. In Katie Sue, Heading West, the primary character is given a locket with her best friend’s picture in it. In a way, this locket was a reminder that her “best friend” (Jesus) was always with her, no matter where she went.


You mentioned the locket that Katie Sue wore. Can you tell us more about that?

I’m partial to this story because of the locket that Katie Sue wears. You see, that locket is very real! When my mother was a little girl she was given the locket that Katie Sue wore on her neck from Tennessee to Texas. I always loved it as a child. I wanted to wear it! However, I lost my mama’s locket! Talk about devastated. I cried and prayed but never found it. After my mother passed away, we went to close out her house. While going through her things, I found the locket and rushed home to put it on!


Eleanor, congratulations on the release of this book. It’s the third in the series, is that right?

Yes. The Eleanor Series is comprised of seven books that all released in print form a few years back. They are being released in e-book form (one per month) between now and Christmas. I’m tickled to share that the first two books in the series are already on kindle. Click the links to discover more!

Mary Elizabeth, Welcome to America (.99)

Victoria Grace, Courageous Patriot (3.99)


What are you offering my readers today?

One lucky person will have an opportunity to win a hardback copy of Victoria Grace, Courageous Patriot when they leave a comment at the end of this blog!


You’ve been a delight to interview, Eleanor! How can we stay in touch with you?

Thank you so much for having me! Readers can reach me at:

My website:

My facebook page:

My Eleanor Series facebook page:



Friends, please check out Eleanor’s series. I think you’ll love it. The Eleanor Series will be a wonderful addition to any library. It will also inspire parents and grandparents to research their family’s history. So, as you’re setting your sites to the school year ahead. . .take a moment to look back at where you’ve come from. No matter what changes you’re going through, God will be right there beside you. You can trust Him.


Eleanor Clark Interview/Katie Sue, Heading West

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