2017 ACFW Pre-Conference Mix & Mingle

Next Wednesday I’ll be on the road driving to Dallas with two awesome writing friends. We will spend the next four days talking to fellow writers whose eyes will not glaze over when we ramble on about our books.  🙂  We will talk to agents and publishers and try to sell a book or two. I’d covet your prayers! It’s a big week for me since I only attend one writing conference a year. I have lots of networking to accomplish in four days. I’m pretty outgoing, but even I have my limits! 🙂

Thanks to Laurie for setting this up. Here are my answers.



Name: Stacey Zink

Location: Houston, TX

What you write/tagline/trademark: Christian Fiction, mainly romance

Place in the book world:  I’m working on sending out proposals now.

On a scale of hugger to 10-foot-pole, please rate your personal space: Hug me!

Something VERY serious: How do you take your Starbucks? Not a coffee drinker, but Caramel Apple Cider rocks!

The unique talking points that will get you going for hours: Kids, church, writing, sex trafficking issues

Loved ones at home you’ll be missing: My husband, 12-year-old daughter, and 9-year-old son.

Conference goals we can pray for? Appointments with editors (publishing houses) and that I will be sensitive to the special God moments.

Anything we can celebrate with you?  I signed with The Seymour Agency and now have an agent! Yay, for Julie Gwinn!

One or two ways we can help you build your platform? You can like my author page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!


Thanks, Laurie for the great idea. I can’t wait to see you next week.

13 thoughts on “2017 ACFW Pre-Conference Mix & Mingle”

  1. I hear ya on your topic of sex trafficking! I teach about that issue at the university. Hope to see you at conference! 🙂


      1. I would too! I don’t think I am. I have Peeling Back the Curtain on Publishing. But when you see a really tall girl walking down the hall, you found me.


  2. This is very cool Stacey! I’m so excited about Conference this year! It’s going to be great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations on signing with the Seymour Agency!


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