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Can Abubakar be another Saul?

  The plan was well executed. They drove a convoy into the small Nigerian town in the middle of the night and attacked the school using guns.  A school filled with young girls who each had dreams of becoming teachers, lawyers, and doctors. The militants then herded the girls onto the buses and drove off… Continue reading Can Abubakar be another Saul?

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Book Review: “Ragged Hope” by Cynthia Ruchti

From Cynthia Ruchti's website:   To the wounded, the worn, the wondering. And to all those who let us see their scars so others can discover Hope’s hideout. It’s one thing to live with the consequences of your own choices, but what happens when your life is changed because of someone else’s? This insightful and… Continue reading Book Review: “Ragged Hope” by Cynthia Ruchti

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How we can Pray for Boston

While praying for Boston this morning my prayer started out pretty general.  Please bring healing to the city, etc. Then, as I prayed for a few minutes longer my heart began to stir and my soul began to cry out to God. It was a powerful moment between this sinner and God. I was reminded… Continue reading How we can Pray for Boston