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Book Review: “Ragged Hope” by Cynthia Ruchti

From Cynthia Ruchti’s website:



To the wounded,
the worn,
the wondering.
And to all those who let us
see their scars
so others can discover
Hope’s hideout.

It’s one thing to live with the consequences of your own choices, but what happens when your life is changed because of someone else’s? This insightful and uplifting guide will comfort, support and encourage you through whatever situation you must face. Cynthia Ruchti, who has walked this road herself, assures readers that God is ever present and His love never wavers. There is hope, grace, and a future in every situation, especially those we did not cause.

My Thoughts:

This book appealed to me, because I have been affected by the actions of someone I love. It hurts when we are living our lives according to the “rules”, doing everything right and yet someone makes a wrong choice and we have to deal with the fallout. How we respond in these times can define our faith to others. Do we crumple and close ourselves off to God and friends or  reach out in love?

While reading the personal accounts of 26 different situations in this book, I sat amazed at how God used each person to show His love, mercy and grace. The circumstances were difficult. God never promised life would be easy, and this book is filled with accounts of heart-breaking sorrow, but thankfully the stories do not end there. Cynthia is faithful to give a soul-stirring reflection at the end of each chapter, a moment for us to think on our own life and how we can find healing to move forward or pray for someone who needs it.

Nora’s story resonated with me. Her apartment building was destroyed when an arsonist took his evil plans one step too far. The ashes had not even cooled before Nora and her son were making plans to rebuild. They chose not to focus on what was lost, but on what could be better in the future. This new building would be handicap accessible. It would be a home for her Dad, close to his church. What evil meant for destruction, God used for good. Isn’t that just like God? When our hearts are ready and open, He will do amazing things in our lives.

Catherine’s story gripped my heart. A woman denied the right to know her father. Tears filled my eyes as I read through her pain and how she forgave her mother. Yet, that forgiveness began with one simple prayer. God, help me. There are times when the pain might be too great to see past, but God understands what words can’t express. Call out to Him.

The personal accounts were tremendous.  A favored sibling, a parent whose harsh words were never forgotten, addiction in marriage, divorce, abuse, the list goes on for 26 chapters. The common thread woven through each chapter is HOPE. We are never without hope.

I figured I would be touched by this book, but had no idea how God would use this book. I believe there is someone who is reading this right now, who desperately needs this message. Who needs to be encouraged. Life is hard, but God is bigger. He has not forgotten you. He loves you and understands that the circumstances are beyond your control. Take heart, dear one.

I have two copies of this book and I would love to give them away. Please leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. If you follow this blog, then note that in your comment for an additional entry. This contest will end on Monday, February 17.

If you would prefer to buy your own copy, please visit one of the following online retailers: Amazon , B & NCBD.

A Note from Cynthia:

Cynthia Ruchti_green_couch

Thank you for your comments about Ragged Hope: Surviving the Fallout of Other People’s Choices, Stacey. My longing, in everything I write and in every speaking engagement, is to tell stories of Hope-that-glows-in-the-dark. The lives of those whose stories were shared in Ragged Hope discovered what many of us know–that hope often shows up

All My Belongings

best against a dark backdrop. My prayer is that all who pick up the book will find solid holding-on places for their own challenges, a bright and enduring hope for whatever they face. Other books I’ve written–including novels, novellas, and devotional collections–are listed on my website: and the Morning Glory Blooms (novel) released in 2013. In early May 2014, another novel–All My Belongings–releases, with more contracted. May hope hem your days. God bless.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: “Ragged Hope” by Cynthia Ruchti”

  1. Thank you for entering to win a copy of Ragged Hope. The two winners are Stella (Moving to Mountasia) and Janet. But… then again, I have never been able to leave anyone out, so Kim I’m giving you a copy too! I hope all of you enjoy reading Ragged Hope as much as I did. I will be emailing you shortly to ask for your mailing addresses.


  2. This sounds like a book I’d love to donate to my church’s resource center. I could have easily furnished a story of betrayal and loss that years later, God redeemed the days the locusts had eaten. It’s all about Him — and His timing.


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