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Can Abubakar be another Saul?

Boko Harem


The plan was well executed. They drove a convoy into the small Nigerian town in the middle of the night and attacked the school using guns.  A school filled with young girls who each had dreams of becoming teachers, lawyers, and doctors. The militants then herded the girls onto the buses and drove off into the darkness. Local residents watched, unable to do anything.

A few questioned why but many knew the answer. The attack happened because these young girls believed they could do something better with their lives. They were the future hope of Nigeria’s young female generation.  These girls have the type of dreams which go directly against the teachings of radical Islam. According to Abubakar Shekau all western learning is taboo especially for young girls when they should be married as early as the age of 9.  Over the last few years this man’s militant group led several attacks against local Christian and Muslim communities. He is believed to be responsible for as many as 1,500 deaths. Yet, his government has been unable to curtail his vengeful ways.

This attack happened on the evening of April 14th, over two weeks ago.  That is a long time for a parent to go without answers. Reports are coming in that the girls were sold for $12 each as wives to the militants. Other reports are claiming the girls will be sold into slavery. Nobody really knows what is happening to the girls which is why it’s so important we pray for them. This is a perfect opportunity for the community of believers to band together and cry out to God seeking His mighty hand.

When I first started praying, I prayed for justice.  Oh boy, did I ever have some good ideas for the Lord on how Abubakar could suffer.  But, today the Lord reminded me that sin is sin. He views all sin the same. Talk about feeling like I was sucker punched. How could my sin be equal to this evil person’s sin?  Yet, Jesus did die on the cross for one and all.

So, today my prayers changed.  I’m certainly still praying for those sweet girls to be released, but I’m also praying for Abubakar to have a Saul moment. I’m praying God will move in a mighty way in this man’s life. Think about how intensely Abubakar is persecuting Christians right now, just like Saul did over 2,000 years ago.  If God can change a man like Saul and turn him into a mighty warrior for Christ, then what can he do with someone like Abubakar?  A man who is on a mission to eliminate Christianity, just like Saul when God blinded him on the road to Damascus. After that Saul became Paul and was known as one of the most diligent of Jesus’s followers.

I’m praying for Abubakar today. I’m praying that his hard heart will be stripped away and he will decide to do the right thing, because we serve a God of miracles.


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