Why I became THAT crazy woman at the mall

It was raining when we went to the mall. Not the perfect day for a family outing, but we went anyway. We were all happy to be together. It was a good day to just hang out and have fun as a family, even if we did get a little wet in the process.

After shopping for shoes we stopped for a snack.  Dan had an appointment to get his hair cut, so we were just burning time.  Shortly after he left for his appointment, the kids and I headed to the restrooms.  I was worried about how I would handle the two kids in the mall restroom with our packages, coats, and the umbrella.  It was crowded at the mall, which made me a little nervous about being separated from either child in the restroom. But, as we approached the bathroom I saw the family restroom.  BINGO! Happiness all around as I hustled the kids into the restroom and we were able to stay together.  It wasn’t until later, while shopping in JCPenney’s,  I realized that I left my umbrella in the restroom. It was now storming outside, so I knew I had to go back for it. restroom-signs-k-family-handicap

Thankfully, Dan arrived a moment later, with a handsome new haircut.  He took over the kids and I ran off to the restroom. Here is where it gets interesting.  It was certainly a… what would Jesus do moment!

The handle to the restroom was locked, so I step back thinking a mom is in there with her kids. Ummm… no.   A man and woman sitting on the couch outside the restroom were suddenly speaking to me.  I turn around confused, “I’m sorry. What?” I ask walking closer to them.

“It is going to be a while.” The woman says with a knowing grin.

“Oh, okay.” I cross my arms and prepare to wait.  Wondering if I should text Dan.

“They have been in there a while.  Three other people have already banged on the door.” The man says with a bit of irritation in his tone.

“Really?” I ask raising my eyebrows. I am now wondering what is going on in the bathroom.

“It is two teenagers. They were out here making out on the couch, before they went in there.  It has been half an hour.”  My skin starts to crawl at this news.  That is the same restroom my kids used an hour ago.  EWWWW!

“They better come out soon. Or I will go find security.” I mutter to myself as I pull out my cell phone and text Dan.  “Look, I just want my umbrella.” I tell the couple sitting on the couch.

The problem is the longer I stood there the more I thought about how wrong it was for those two kids to be in that bathroom alone. If it was my daughter, then I woWWJD-braceletuld want someone to break up that little party. I am sure their parents dropped them off at the mall, thinking they would hang out and visit with friends.  It never crossed my mind that something like that might happen until that moment.

Pocketing my phone, I walked over to the Subway and asked the employee how to find Security. A moment later, I was in the back hallways of our mall. The security guard came right out when I called for him. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I told him what was happening, but I was very pleased by his reaction.  “I need a restroom unlocked.” I told him.

“Is it empty?” He asked, clearly confused.

“No, there are two kids having sex.” Before I was even done with my sentence he was running back down the hall.  He yelled back he would be meet me there.

As I returned to the restroom, two minutes after leaving it, the girl was exiting. It broke my heart to see someone so young.  She couldn’t be older than 13. She was so innocent looking. She was gone so quick as she faded into the crowd; blending right in with all the other kids walking around the food court. The sheriff who arrived right on my heels didn’t see her, but the boy who emerged just seconds later was apprehended.  I watched as the sheriff stood toe to toe with this young boy who was probably in Junior High. This boy just smirked at the officer. He was arrogant and rude. Dismissive. It was appalling.  I heard the officer say they would be calling his parents as they confiscated his cell phone. I am thankful for that.

Hopefully, by stepping up and involving the authorities there will be a positive outcome.  As I think about the people who sat there and did nothing and I feel sad.  What is our society coming to that we would allow two kids to have sex in the bathroom? That people can justify in their minds such behavior is okay or not their problem to deal with, after all it isn’t their kid.

I know we are raising our children to make better decisions, but I am sure those parents hoped their child would never be in that situation either. If it was your child wouldn’t you want someone to step in and say something? I know I would.


10 thoughts on “Why I became THAT crazy woman at the mall”

  1. you did the right thing! i can’t believe the couple sitting on the couch for a half hour didn’t have the brains to do something! maybe they were patiently waiting for “their turn” — how sad!


  2. So sad 😦 Sometimes it would be easier to ignore what is going on, but that’s not always the right choice.Sometimes someone has to stand up and say something (or do something).


    1. Yes, it was quite the Saturday afternoon. Lots of head shaking going on over here, too. I will never look at the family restroom in the same light again. I am thankful that God used me in some small way. I pray that good comes out of it and that lives are changed.


  3. I agree 100% with your actions. It’s sad that no one else thought to involve the mall security, the kids could have been using drugs and came out crazed, then who knows would happen. I’m proud of you for taking a stand and notifying security.


      1. Hi Nancy, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come again! I had not considered that possibility, but yes, who knows what else could have happened in that bathroom. We only heard certain sounds, but other things could have been happening, as well. Another thing to be thankful for today. Have a blessed day!


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