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Review: The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall

One accidental kiss. That was all it took to throw Meredyth Summercourt’s world upside-down. Determined to marry the ever-elusive Vance Everstone, she simply doesn’t have the time or the desire to fall for her friend Lawry Hampton. However, with Vance out of the country and Lawry constantly at her side, Meredyth can’t help but wonder if what’s holding her to Vance is nothing more than a desire to redeem herself from their unfortunate past.          
When Vance comes home to The Bound Heart coverstake his claim on Meredyth, will she be strong enough to break free from the tangled web she’s convinced she deserves? Or will she find the strength to accept that God’s plan for her life could include redemption… and quite possibly the love of her best-friend?

This story opens with Meredyth being assaulted by Vance, one of her childhood friends. In Meredyth’s mind she is now bound to Vance and is determined to wait for him to return to Boston so they can marry. Year pass, she still waits rejecting all other suitors. All the while, she is blind to the one man who loves her. The man who is waiting patiently for her, even years later. It’s a character I think many women will be able to relate to. Meredyth struggles with forgiving herself and accepting God’s love. It’s her biggest struggle in overcoming the past.


Lawry Hampton is patient, loving, and compassionate. He adores children and seeks to be a father to orphans. When we meet Wynn, my heart about burst. I loved this little orphaned girl and hoped that by the end of the book all would be made right. Seeing how Dawn weaved the story of hope, love, and healing is only part of this great book. Lawry is a hero modeled after the ultimate author of romance, Jesus. Lawry is a man who pursues the one woman he has ever loved and is unrelenting in his devotion and patience. My heart broke a few times, when Meredyth pushed him away, but Lawry never stopped loving her.


When I reviewed Dawn’s first book I mentioned she writes in first person. Normally this isn’t a style I enjoy, but after the first few pages I was so absorbed in the story I forgot about it being in one point of view and just loved reading the book. I couldn’t wait to read this book, knowing Dawn’s writing style, I knew it was going to be great. I wasn’t disappointed. Book 3 will be released in a few months and I’m already marking my calendar!


Dawn Crandall is the author of The Hesitant Heiress (released August 1, 2014).

A graduate of Taylor University with a degree in Christian Education, and a former bookseller at Barnes & Noble, Dawn Crandall didn’t begin writing until 2010 when her husband found out about her long-buried dream of writing a book. IMG_3394 (683x1024)Without a doubt about someday becoming published, he encouraged her to quit her job in 2010 in order to focus on writing The Hesitant Heiress. It didn’t take her long to realize that writing books was what she was made to do. Dawn is represented by Joyce Hart of Hartline Literary.

9 thoughts on “Review: The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall”

  1. Thanks for reviewing The Bound Heart on your awesome blog, Stacey! I had so much fun meeting you at ACFW in September! I’m sure I’ll be tooting my horn about your books someday too! 😀


  2. Thanks for posting.
    I had the privilege of getting an advanced copy of this book through the author. Dawn weaves many great messages throughout the book.

    Not to be missed!


    1. Hi Janella, I like the word you used “privilege”, because there are certain authors that I feel so blessed and privileged to read and review. Thanks for stopping by again. It’s great to see familiar faces.


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