My Word for the Year: GRATITUDE

Today marks three weeks into the New Year. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I never have been. Many of my friends make them and I enjoy reading about their life changes and plans for the coming year.  One friend has committed to living a vegan lifestyle, she is documenting her journey on Facebook.  Another is determined to read a certain number of books before the end of the year. I decided this year to mark the New Year, but how? I wasn’t sure exactly, then it hit me.

What is your word for the year?

I didn’t pay much attention to this new craze invading Facebook, other than to read what my friends were choosing. I decided to pray about it. What would my word be for this year?  I sought God and the only thing that kept coming to mind was… finish your book!  Okay, but that isn’t a word… hummm..  I realized I needed to dig deeper. What about my life beyond writing?

gratitude 2

God showed me GRATITUDE. I need to be grateful. When I look at my life on a daily basis, I’m thankful for all I have been blessed with… my kids, husband, family, friends, my writing.  I have so much to be thankful for, but do I live my life showing gratitude? Does my daily life reflect gratitude for His mercies? It was painful to admit, it does not.

This year I will show more GRATITUDE.

  • I will not complain when forced to wait at the light for an extra cycle because the driver in front of me was texting and not paying attention.  I will have a grateful heart that I am able to listen to praise and worship music for an extra four minutes of my drive. (Can you tell this has happened more than once?)
  • I will not snap at my children when they demand my attention when all I really want to do is sit after a long day. I will be grateful that I have two beautiful children to interrupt me.
  • I will not grumble because I have to clean my house every week, instead, I will be grateful for my home and all God has blessed me with when I’m so undeserving.
  • I will appreciate my husband more and show him my gratitude for all he does for us.

Being grateful is a choice. I chose to embrace it.

Gratitude 3

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