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Book Review: The Professor’s Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes

The Professor's HeartBack Cover:

Mia Roper has what she always wanted

Her independence, her career and her home back East. But when a train wreck strands her in Hillsdale, Michigan, the town she once called home, Mia begins to wonder if she made the right choice to leave Hillsdale—and her true love—behind.

Rescuing injured passengers, Professor Ayden Goswell can’t believe his eyes. Could that really be Mia, the woman who once owned his heart, emerging from the wreckage? Long ago, Mia and Ayden chose their careers over love. But God, it seems, may have other plans for them….


Some of my favorite books involve a reluctant heroine.  I wonder what this says about me? 🙂 I love a strong female character. My own writing reflects this truth, so it wasn’t a surprise when I quickly bonded with Mia. She is about as independent as they come in this historical romance. I loved her spunky attitude and determination to do right. The only man she has ever loved is Ayden Goswell, but he chose his career over her, so she is determined to stay as far away as possible.  She has no intention of opening old wounds. Her problems begin when the train she is traveling on strands her in Hillsdale, Michigan, her hometown. The first person she sees when she exits the train is Ayden. The tension takes off  from that point and so does the laughter. Laurie spun a terrific tale, sure to leave you laughing at the right moments and cheering for Mia the rest of the time. In the end we are reminded God has a plan for each of our lives, even when we are determined to go our way, He is faithful to show us the right path.

I have a hard copy of this book! I’m offering it one of my readers.

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I will enter all names in a drawing to be held on Sunday, January 5th. 

Author Bio:

writing -- laurie 009

“Eakes has a charming way of making her novels come to life without being over the top,” writes Romantic times of bestselling, award-winning author Laurie Alice Eakes. Since she lay in bed as a child telling herself stories, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author, with a degree in English and French from Asbury University and a master’s degree in writing fiction from Seton Hill University contributing to her career path. Now she has 17 books in print and more under contract.

Besides writing, she loves reading obscure history books and watching old movies, taking long walks and knitting, albeit badly. Most of all, she loves giving back to those who have helped her along the way.

After enough moves in the past four years to make U-Haul’s stock rise, she now lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Himalayan and Exotic felines , and golden retriever and black lab canines. If the carpet is relatively free of animal fur, then she is either frustrated with the current manuscript, or brainstorming another, the only two times she genuinely enjoys housekeeping.

You can also purchase a copy of this book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or CBD.


12 thoughts on “Book Review: The Professor’s Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes”

  1. Congratulations, Kim!! You won drawing. I’m so happy for you. I will email you shortly.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in my first ever giveaway. I enjoyed it so much, I plan to host another one very soon.

    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Welcome to my blog. I hope you will follow through Facebook or email. I love to review new books and plan to offer more freebies in the future. I have added your name to the drawing. Have a Happy New Year!


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