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Seventeen Years

Seventeen years is a long time. A lot can happen in that amount of time. Where were you seventeen years ago? Were you living in the same town you are now? Are yoIn Christ picu in the same relationship? Did you have kids? Were you even thinking about having kids? I know I wasn’t.  Seventeen years ago today I was working for AT&T while living in Jacksonville, Florida. On this day in 1996, I kneeled on the beige living room carpet in my small one room apartment and cried out to God.  I realized that my own life was in desperate of healing. I needed God.

It was an uphill battle coming to the conclusion that I couldn’t do it all. It wasn’t easy to admit I needed Him, but I also have never forgotten the sweet peace that stole over my heart the moment I prayed. It has never left me, even in moments of trial, God has never left me.  He is always faithful.

Life is not perfect. I have struggled at times, but in those moments I am thankful for good friends who pray and encourage with scripture. God promises us in His word that He never leaves us or forsakes us.  I have been reminded of this many times.

Seek God's Will Pic

Looking back, I was a 22 year-old looking for happiness in all the wrong places.  I thought I could find it in the right job, material possessions, or a relationship. Now, I see my life and I am so thankful that God  rescued me from those life decisions. I am happily married to a man I met years later, we have two little blessings, and I am writing… which is my passion.  Seventeen years ago, I never would have said this is my dream life, but God knew the plans He had for me. I am thankful that I trusted Him.

God is so good!

6 thoughts on “Seventeen Years”

  1. Hi Stacey! My 17 years ago is actually connected to yours! 17 years ago your husband Dan witnessed to my now husband, Joerg, at a bible study. Joerg told me he had to really think about what Dan had said. He accepted Christ a few weeks later and we got married a year after that! I’m so thankful Dan witnessed!! Please tell him Joerg and I said Hi! You both have a beautiful family!!

    I saw on your blog that you are a writer. Have you thought about self publishing? Joerg and my son wrote a book together and self published-such a neat experience. Here is a link to the charity that half the proceeds go to (they did an interview with my son, it was really sweet):


    Much love from Germany, Karla


    1. Hi Karla, Wow! I am so thankful you found my blog and posted. Dan is thrilled to hear about Joerg. He didn’t know about his salvation. What wonderful news! Don’t we serve an amazing God?

      In response to your question about self-publishing. I haven’t given it too much thought at this point. I am still fairly new to writing. My good friend and writing partner just self published her first book on Amazon. I have enjoyed learning about the process through her experiences. I am not opposed to it, but at this point I don’t feel led in that direction. Thank you for posting the link with the information about the book your son wrote with your husband. It truly touched my heart! What an amazing boy you are raising.


  2. I love you. You are truly a woman after Gods heart. I don’t know the plan he has for you but I am so grateful to be a part of it.


    1. I struggle with the best of them. I just know that God loves me. I’m even more thankful for that knowledge than ever before. Everyday seems to bring new challenges. 🙂 Thanks for being on this journey with me. I couldn’t ask for a better friend or sister (expect maybe Sarah 😉 ). Love ya!


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