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My Silver Bracelet

Two and half weeks ago I received a silver bracelet. It is not fancy, but rather very plain. Since putting it on I have had several people ask me if it is a hospital bracelet, so I suppose it bears a strong resemblance. Each time, it has been a privilege to share the reason I wear this bracelet on my right wrist. It serves as a reminder to pray for Dee.

Dee is a member of my church, but we have never been introduced. She does not know my name, because we have never met. On Sunday, July 7th, I accepted theprayer band bracelet from her and promised to pray for her as she prepared to journey to Uganda on a two week mission trip. Some may ask why pray for someone who you do not know. I was excited at the prospect of being a part of something larger than just my small little world here in Cypress, Texas. I personally am not able to travel to Uganda, but I figured I could pray for someone who was able to make that trip.

Each day I prayed for her safety, good health, and effective ministry. After a few days of prayer a strange thing began to happen. I found God prompting me to dig deeper within myself. I began  to pray for the whole Uganda team, that they would be effective in their missions work, would not be blocked in their ministry, and above all else that the hearts who heard the Good News would be deeply changed. As I prayed my own heart was opened and softened toward the ministry in Uganda, in a way that I never expected.

Now, as I remcut prayer bandove my prayer band. I find myself a little sad. Yes, it’s worn, frayed, and abused after being on my wrist for over 2 weeks. Dee’s name has completely faded away. But, I look at it and see a precious symbol of so many people who need our prayers in Uganda. Will you pray with me tonight? Ask that God will be at work in the lives of those who heard the gospel. Pray that the seeds sown will grow and mature and produce new disciples for the kingdom. What an honor it is pray.

It is for His Glory,


5 thoughts on “My Silver Bracelet”

  1. I know this is a late reply but we got a bracelet for Daria our daughter whenever the team was headed to the Honduras from the church. She had such a great time praying for the young man Daniel whose bracelet we got. As a former missionary I really appreciate the fact our church is so supportive of missionaries. You can never have to much prayer. I know your prayer’s impacted Dee’s life and all those she worked with in Uganda!


    1. Cora, I love that Daria had her own bracelet. That is sweet beyond words. I agree with you, the mission focus within our church is a huge blessing for all involved. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I wondered about it when I saw it Sunday, I figured it was something you were doing with one of the kids. What a great prayer reminder. It takes doing something like 36 times to make something a habit. Sounds like Uganda is a prayer habit for you now, and what a great one to have.


    1. Thanks for reading my post, Joanna! It was truly more humbling than anything else to see how small our lives are in the big scheme of things. God is so amazing. I hope you will join me in praying for those in Uganda.


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