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My Silver Bracelet

Two and half weeks ago I received a silver bracelet. It is not fancy, but rather very plain. Since putting it on I have had several people ask me if it is a hospital bracelet, so I suppose it bears a strong resemblance. Each time, it has been a privilege to share the reason I… Continue reading My Silver Bracelet

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How we can Pray for Boston

While praying for Boston this morning my prayer started out pretty general.  Please bring healing to the city, etc. Then, as I prayed for a few minutes longer my heart began to stir and my soul began to cry out to God. It was a powerful moment between this sinner and God. I was reminded… Continue reading How we can Pray for Boston

God Moments

When the Church Forgets its Calling, Part 2

Every hair is perfectly in place. Her make-up is tastefully applied by a careful hand and her clothes are chosen with care.  This is a woman who takes care with her appearance.  She might not be the most beautiful woman in the room, but she carries herself with pride and confidence.  She appears to be… Continue reading When the Church Forgets its Calling, Part 2

God Moments

When the Church Forgets its Calling, Part 1

My sister was recently in town visiting.  I love spending time with her. There are fifteen years that separate our births, so for many years I looked at Sarah with a more maternal feeling.  In the last few years, our relationship has grown into one of mutual friendship and I love it.  Recently, Sarah was… Continue reading When the Church Forgets its Calling, Part 1

God Moments

Finding Hope and Motivation

One of the things I love about history is that life seemed so much simpler. When I read Little House on the Prairie with my daughter, I can get lost in the simplicity of their lives. They do not live with the constant need for communication through cell phones, computers, or television.  Caroline Ingalls was… Continue reading Finding Hope and Motivation