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Finding Hope and Motivation

One of the things I love about history is that life seemed so much simpler. When I read Little House on the Prairie with my daughter, I can get lost in the simplicity of their lives. They do not live with the constant need for communication through cell phones, computers, or television.  Caroline Ingalls was not rushing Laura or Mary from one activity to the next, and she wasn’t running through the drive through lane because she was tired after a long practice or game.  Life seemed to move much slower when we look back in time.  They knew what it meant to embrace family and spend time together.

People have struggled with the concept of right and wrong since man was created.  It is our human nature to sin and deceive.  We were created with a sin nature, so that is our natural tendency.  Personally I struggle with sin on a daily basis, whereas my sin might seem like a small issue to some people, my sins are still sins.  In God’s eyes all sin is equal.  Thankfully, God provides a bridge for us.  We do not have to live with the consequences of our sins and I take great comfort in that knowledge.

Just like in the 1800’s people today want to have something they can believe in.  They want to have hope in their lives.   As a Christian, my hope come through Jesus’ salvation.  For those who are not Christians, they look for that hope elsewhere. They look for hope in happiness, love, money, success, whatever might fill their need at that time in their life.

One thing everyone has in common is motivation. When we dig deep within ourselves and look at what motivates us, we might be surprised by the answers.  What motivates you to go to work every day? What motivates you to take care of your family? What motivates you to….?  You fill in the blank.  What question is God asking you to think about?

Some people are motivated by love; others might be motivated by money or family obligation.  I wonder how many of us are motivated by the love of God?  Does the love of God fill your heart and motivate you to go farther than you ever thought was possible?

Writing for His Glory!


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