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Oct 1st: Homemade Cookies Day

Did you know today is Homemade Cookies Day? I’m personally wondering if break and bake cookies count? I mean… you do have to turn on the oven and break them a part before putting them on the pan. That does require effort.

In honor of this national day I decided to share a favorite cookie recipe.

Go to Kroger and in the baking aisle look for…..

Now, this is a family secret so please don’t share that you got it here. 😉 Honestly, it’s a favorite in our house! Does it get much easier, my friends? I’m sure this tells you more than you ever needed to know about my baking skills.

If you love to bake, then feel free to drop a link in the comments with your favorite recipe. My kids are you begging you to give me inspiration.

Happy Homemade Cookie Day! Your kids can thank me later.


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