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2018: Expect

In the beginning, I had so many mixed feelings over my word for 2018. EXPECT.

When I prayed for what my word would be this year, I had several thoughts about what would work. I actually prayed and told God what I thought my word should be, but instead of rejoicing I only received an unexpected silence. I waited for weeks while praying over and over reminding God that I still need my word for the year.

I actually didn’t need a word for the new year, but I like to have one. I feel like in the past few years God has shown me His faithfulness through the words He’s given me. Each year I excitedly pray about my word, because I feel like it’s a personal message from God. Adobe Spark

This year my word came to during a sermon at church. All of a sudden, BOOM! There it was sitting there in my little mind, I’m pretty sure I heard angels rejoicing. I knew they were rejoicing that God answered my prayer. They were hopeful that I’d move onto a new prayer request and quit asking about this word.

I lost all track of the sermon (Sorry, Stuart!) and wrote EXPECT on my bulletin.  For a brief moment, I was confused. Expect what? Then the word MIRACLES came to mind. Did you just feel those same goosebumps?

God pressed three words on me: Healing, Miracles, and Publication. Given how faithful He has been over the last few years with my annual word I’m pretty darn excited about this new word. EXPECT carries so much promise. I think of it as FAITH on steroids.

I’m going full speed in this new year. I’m excited about all the possibilities on the horizon.  I’m fully expecting great things to happen. Not because of me and what I can do, but because God is driving me. I’m so relieved that I can trust Him to open the right doors at the right time.  I’m pretty sure if I was in charge we’d be way off course by the end of the week.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for all us. I’m trusting Him to get me through to 2019.

What’s your word for 2018? Why is that word important to you?



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