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A Worthy Challenge

Today I’m opening my blog to Savanna Kaiser. Savanna is an avid writer and blogger, you can find her at The Engrafted Word. Savanna welcomed me to her blog a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it so much I asked her to visit us.  Thanks for joining us, Savanna!


Ever since I was young, I’ve dreamed of being a mom. Even before my love for writing claimed its place in my heart, I hoped and prayed that God would make me a mama someday. And last August, He answered my prayer with our sweet Allison.

I expected pimg_6700arenting to be hard and tiring work – I’d seen proof from family and friends – but there was no way for me to truly get it until I was the one waking up in the middle of the night and responsible for my own little one
day in and day out.

I’d also imagined motherhood would be sweet and rewarding much like an aspiring author dreams publication will be. And it is, but there’s work in the details and challenges in the nitty gritty part of those callings.

Instead of fighting against the challenges that inevitably rise up, I want to be prepared for them, accept them, and yes, even embrace them. In my writing and in my short time as a new mom, I have to say I’m still working on that part.  😉


Let me tell you, my baby girl has been a peach for almost all of her 4 months, but last night I couldn’t make her happy no matter what I tried. I’d feed her, rock her, change her, talk to her – she’d cry. I’d put her in her swing, on her tummy, in her crib – she’d cry. I spent a good couple hours that way, on the brink of tears, until she finally took a bottle and I rocked her to sleep.

I sat there in a daze, exhausted and a cold supper waiting, thanking the Lord every night was not like this.

I glanced down at those precious little eyelids closed in peaceful sleep and it hit me.

I wouldn’t have this any other way. I almost laughed at how quickly my mood had flipped. Even wondered for a second or two if I was losing my mind. But no, a second look at Ally and I faced the truth. I needed the challenge last night. I need the challenge of motherhood. God is using it to strengthen me and teach me so many things abouimg_2060t myself (my weaknesses) and about God (His strengths).

Without challenges, the reward is never as rich and fulfilling. I needed Ally to remind me of that last night. I needed to remember that patience is part of the game. So is endurance. And faith in the Lord to do what seems best to Him.

All of that goes hand in hand with my writing journey. Slow and steady, sure. But with strength for those challenging days too.

As soon as my heart rate slowed last night, and my exasperation faded, I realized I missed her. Yes, the crying, unhappy baby from seconds ago. I already missed her big blue eyes and personality. Being a new mom is tough and emotional, but every second is worth the fight. New mercies and new rewards greet me with every day’s sunrise and her smiles.

Don’t disregard the challenges in your life, friends. Whether you’re struggling in your writing or personal life. You’re stronger because of them… and your stories will be too.

How have you seen the hand of God in a challenge you’ve faced?

I’d love to hear what He taught you on those hard days.

bio1Savanna Kaiser will never forget the day her love for writing and history first collided on Missouri soil at a Civil War Reenactment. As the 1860s leapt to life before her eyes, she discovered the setting for the stories of her heart – tales of Christ’s redeeming love through historical fiction. She’s been creating stories ever since. She blogs regularly at The Engrafted Word and has published over 40 freelance articles in various magazines across the country.

She and her husband Andrew make their home in the Missouri Ozarks, along with their four-month-old, Allison. Visit her at to learn more or find her on Facebook at


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