Being Real

I sit in church on Sunday and listen to amazing sermons and feel at peace. Church inspires me to write, to be a better person, to live for Christ. Church is my home base in many ways. I love the worship music, but mostly I love the way God speaks to my spirit during church. If I’m struggling with a certain part of my writing, then at some point God will make a decision clear. A blog post will rise up from an inspiring sermon. There are so many ways in which I’m ministered to on an average Sunday morning.

Yet, by Wednesday I find myself struggling with “me”. I struggle to do my quiet time. I’m tired and don’t want to exercise. I’m yearning for Friday night when we go out for Tex-Mex and I don’t have to cook.  It’s a cycle that I’d like to see changed.

waiting for a signI’ve realized over the last year (yes this a lesson I’ve learned over and over) that busyness is a huge factor. Last year, my two kids were involved with Awanas, baseball, softball, cub scouts, and Destination Imagination.

Plus, they did weekly piano lessons, which we will never stop. Because they have an amazing teacher and I love hearing my kids play. Yes, it’s purely selfish.

All these activities took up a minimum of one day a week.  Yes, that’s six activities that we crammed into five nights. Really we should count sports three times, because of the practice and games. It’s not surprising that I was tired. By the end of the year, we were at our wits end. I swore I would never do that again.

Well, a new school year is starting and so are the activities. We can’t be the only family facing this dilemma.  How do you decide what’s important and what can be put aside?

One thing I know after living this crazy merry go roundlife for several years is  I want off the merry go round. I want to have family dinners at home.

So we are cutting back this year. The kids will play sports and do music, and we just aren’t sure about anything else at this point.

What about your family? Can you relate to this crazy life? How do you decide what stays on the schedule and what goes?

too much truth

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