Courage: 2016

Last year I started thinking about a special word for the year after God impressed on my heart that it would be a year for overcoming, I was struggling with my writing about this time last year. To the point, I questioned if I would still be sane when I was finished. Learning to write in Deep Point of View was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (and I’m still learning how to master the technique). 2015 was a year for overcoming challenges.

This year, He gave me the word: Courage.

courage 2

Sharing my work with other writers or even friends can be difficult. I have learned everyone sees something different in a book. They might think it has too much back story, another person will see too many commas, and another will say it needs more commas. My sister-in-law, Laura, pointed out my hero smirks too much (which was a great catch).

The main point here is it takes courage to keep sending your story out. I have finished my re-write and am now in the editing stage. I wish I could hold this story close to my heart. I love it and don’t want to see it get rejected. Here’s the problem: the longer I hold onto it, the harder it is to let it go (cue the Frozen soundtrack).

I believe this is why God spoke COURAGE into my heart. It’s going to take courage to send my manuscript out to agents. I want to say it won’t hurt if they say “no thanks”, but if I’m truly honest with myself it will sting. When you spend years working on a story, trying to perfect it, then send it out. You hope everyone will love it as much as you do.Courage

I’m so thankful God created me to be a writer. I love the story worlds that I can create using a blank page. It’s therapeutic. The bottom line is: if I truly believe this story belongs to God, then I need to trust Him all the way.

I can’t wait to see how this year plays out. There are some amazing opportunities on the horizon. Now, I just need to find my COURAGE and go after them.

How about you? What is your word this year? Please share it in the comments, I’d love to know!

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