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The BIG Book Giveaway!

Happy 3rd-anniversary suburbanthoughts!!

Back in May the idea of a big book giveaway began to form in my mind. It was about that time I noticed the number of blog followers inching closer to the 1,000 milestone, then in July, we reachedBook picture 3 over a thousand followers!  That’s one of the best blog “birthday” presents ever.

I owe a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you: the readers of this little blog. I still can’t fathom people actually read what I write, but you do and I’m so thankful! I remember when I started this blog. I sat on the couch, looked across the living room,  and asked my husband: “what will I write about?”

God answered that question. I love to read, so books are never in short supply at our house. In fact, I have several books to give away today! A few authors even graciously offered signed copies!

Let’s talk books.  Here are the categories:

“Laugh Till You Cry” Category:

picture perfectThe-Icing-on-the-Cake-by-Janice-ThompsonA bouquet of lovebook-the-dream-dress

The complete 4 book set of Janice Thompson’s Weddings by Design series SIGNED by the author.  I ADORE this series. It has my favorite character that Janice has written, Hannah McDermott, a successful photographer living in Galveston, TX. You will meet Hannah in book one of this hilarious series.



“Heroes that make you swoon” Category:

IButterflyrocky mountainstramger's secretf you love historicals, then this set is for you. Each book will transport you, entertain, and in most cases make you laugh. They all have a love story, so even if Mr. Darcy is taken don’t lose heart.

The Butterfly & the Violin SIGNED (Kristy Cambron), Rocky Mountain Dreams SIGNED (Danica Favorite),

captured by loverainy day dreamsA Stranger’s Secret (Laurie Alice Eakes),  Captured by Love (Jody Hedlund), and Rainy Day Dreams (Lori Copeland & Virgina Smith).



“Romances that make you SIGH”  Category:

I love a good love story and if it includes a hero in the form of a prince, well add it to my cart. Not all heroes are princes and in these three books you will meet three very different men who are all worthy of the title.

baby for sarahMeanttoBeMine_comp9780310315506_CVR.inddMeant to be Mine
(Becky Wade), Princess Ever After (Rachel Hauck), and A Baby for Sarah (Carol Voss).


“Adventure is good for the soul” Category:

Three very different books, but all with strong characters and storylines you won’t forget. There are certain authors that guarantee a sleepless night and all three of these writers fit that category. Get ready for adventure, love, and more.

dead ringerMardan-Mark-Smlblack-hills West for the Black Hills (Peter Leavell), Mardan’s Mark (Kathrese McKee), and Dead Ringer (V.B. Tenery).


I’m so excited about this giveaway because it marks the anniversary of this blog and a way for me to say


Without you, writing this blog would not be as much fun.


Now just click on this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can enter to win every category or just your favorite. It’s your choice. 

One winner per category so the winner of the Laugh Till you Cry category will win all four books, etc. 

Giveaway ends Monday, August 17th.

63 thoughts on “The BIG Book Giveaway!”

  1. Four winners have been randomly selected through rafflecopter! Listed below are the winners and the category they won.

    Angie Arndt: Heroes That Make You Swoon
    Aerykah: Laugh Till You Cry
    Kim Hansen-Amunsen: Romances That Make You Sigh
    Jeissman: Adventure is Good for the Soul

    Congratulations to all of our winners! I will send out an email to each winner with information on how to claim their prize.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in my anniversary contest. It has been a great year and I have you to thank for it!

    God Bless!


  2. My Favorite Categories Are: “Heroes That Make You Swoon” And “Adventure Is Good For The Soul”. Peter Leavell Is One Of My Fav. Authors…But My Husband And I Were College Friends With Him And His Wife…Back In The Day! 😉


  3. I cannot decide which one sounds better “Heroes that make you swoon” OR “Romances that make you SIGH.” Both sets of books look like a lot of fun.

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for the giveaway!!



  4. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Stacey. What a nice give-away. I love to “Laugh Till You Cry,” but I also like “Heroes That Make You Swoon.” Shucks! I love to read so I would be happy with any of them.


  5. Happy 3rd anniversary! Great choice for giveaways. I saw several books from my wish list! Also congrats on reaching 1000!


  6. I would love to win the “Heroes That Make You Swoon” or the “Romances To Make You Sigh”. Happy anniversary and thank you for the chance to win!


  7. I would choose “Heros that make you swoon”!
    Happy 3rd year anniversary and 1000 followers!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  8. Wow!! Happy third anniversary!! 1000 followers is a HUGE accomplishment! I’d love either the “Heroes that make you swoon,” “Romances that make you SIGH,” or the “Laugh Till You Cry” category. Thanks for the chance to win and for celebrating with us!


  9. Great prizes! I’d love either the “Heroes that make you swoon,” “Romances that make you SIGH,” or the “Laugh Till You Cry” category. Thanks for the chance!


  10. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for such a fantastic giveaway! My favorite categories are Laugh Till you Cry and Heroes that Make you Swoon!


  11. Happy anniversary!! And congratulations on meeting the thousand followers milestone! I’d love to win any of the books you’re giving away. They all look great!


  12. I would love to win the Heroes That Make You Swoon category, because nearly all of those authors are new to me and I just love historical fiction. 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway and happy blogiversary!


  13. Happy Anniversary and thank you for the lovely giveaway!! I would honestly be thrilled to receive any of the categories as shown above, since I’d most likely read all of them anyways…So, please enter me for each category. 😀 emeraldelena[at]hotmail[dot]com


  14. Happy anniversary! Thanks for having this great giveaway. I already have two of the books in the Romances that make you Sigh category (they are terrific), so I’d be happy to win either the Laugh Till You Cry books or Heroes That Make You Swoon.


  15. There are some books in the giveaway that I’ve never even heard of! I’d love the Laugh until you cry series but am willing to take any of them. lol


  16. Happy Anniversary Stacey. So proud of you. I would love the series
    “Romances that make you Sigh”
    Off to share your link.. Good luck everyone.


  17. If I win I would love to have “Heroes that make you swoon” Thank you so much for the chance and Congrats on your anniversary!!


    1. I commented before I realized you had asked a question on the giveaway form…
      I think I’d most like to win the “Heroes that make you swoon” category. 🙂


  18. Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for the giveaway and please enter me the for the “Heroes that make you swoon” Category


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