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Review/Giveaway: For Such a Time as This PLUS $10 Gift Certificate to Family Christian

From bestselling author Angie Smith comes her second children’s book, For Such a Time as This, a Bible storybook for girls that features 40 biblical retellings from prominent women in both the Old and New Testament. Illustrated once more by Breezy Brookshire, For Such A Time As This is the pair’s second children’s book together following the success of Audrey Bunny.
For Such a Time as This
Captivating stories come to life when each woman from the Bible tells her story. From Eve to Sarah and Hagar to Mary Magdalene and more, these stories capture how God has moved from the beginning of time. With keen attention to detail and historical accuracy, these stories are specifically geared toward girls ages six to ten. At the end of each story, there is a summary with reflections and a highlighted attribute of God.


As a parent, I look for devotionals my kids will love and want to read. I picked up the Sarah Young devotional for children six months ago and have been reading through that with some success. But, when I heard about this new devotional my heart skipped a beat. I wanted this book for Bethany, my 9-year-old. I have always LOVED reading about women in the Bible. It’s a subject that interests me because I usually find I can relate to them in one way or another. When Family Christian agreed to let me review this book I was a bit nervous. What if Bethany decided she didn’t like it?

It says a lot that when my kids see a yellow bubble envelope in the mailbox they don’t get excited. They know it’s another book for me. But, this time I excitedly told Bethany it was for her. Her eyes grew and her smile stretched wide because this girl loves books just like her Momma!

She immediately sat on the couch and started reading. Mentally I thought we will see how long this lasts! But, two weeks later we are finishing up the book and she is still reading it every night before bed. She loves to give me reports on what she has read and she often asks me where I am in the book. We tried reading it together, but she was reading it much faster than me.

Her official opinion is that the stories are good, but she already knows most of them. She does like that they are in story format, instead of like what she reads in the Bible. She loves the art work, it makes the book different and special.

I like the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. They give us an opportunity to talk about about the stories together. I love hearing her perspective.

To review the book, I randomly opened the book to the page at the end of Rahab (one of my favorite stories) and the take away is we are never too bad for God to make us good. Regardless of how many mistakes we make God is always there for us. It talks about how the word of God is the foundation for our thinking and how we act.

Priceless wisdom is found in these pages. I pray that such words find fertile ground in the young minds who read it.  This book would be a wonderful addition to the home of any young girl.


Family Christian has generously offered to giveaway a copy For Such A Time as This to one of our lucky readers. If you would like to win a copy, please enter below. As as added bonus, I’m also giving away a $10 gift certificate to Family Christian which can be used online or in stores, so this week we will have two winners! Enter away and best wishes.


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Leave a comment!  What’s your favorite devotional? 

10 thoughts on “Review/Giveaway: For Such a Time as This PLUS $10 Gift Certificate to Family Christian”

  1. Thank you to everyone who entered and helped promote this contest through Twitter via Rafflecopter. It was fun trying a different contest tool for a change.

    I’m happy to announce the winners!

    Heidi won the copy of For Such a Time as This
    Janella won the $10 gift certificate

    Thanks again to everyone who entered. I’ve emailed the winners, so once they email back with their addresses their prizes will be in the mail.

    Did you know another giveaway is happening right now? Dawn Crandall’s new book, The Captive Imposter, is up for grabs. Click over to my main page and enter to win!


  2. Currently it has been the Jesus Calling Kids edition! I have really been enjoying reading it with my 3 year old 🙂


      1. You’re very welcome, Stacey. This is a very cool contest! And I’ve been so blessed by your friendship, too. I’m thankful to God that He introduced us. 🙂


  3. My daughter has God & me devotional.

    My personal favorite devotional is Revealing Jesus:365 day devotional by Zschech.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  4. I don’t have a favorite devotional but my kids and I are currently reading Brave Girls Bible Stories and they really like it, especially the illustrations. Thanks for the giveaway!


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