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Book Review/Giveaway: Miranda Warning

Child of mirandawarning_fc_smallthe Appalachian mountains, Tess Spencer has experienced more than her share of heartache. The Glock-wielding, knife-carrying housewife knows how to survive whatever life throws at her.

But when an anonymous warning note shows up in her best friend Miranda’s mailbox—a note written in a dead woman’s handwriting—Tess quickly discovers that ghosts are alive and well in Buckneck, West Virginia. Hot on a cold trail, she must use limited clues and her keen insight into human nature to unmask the killer…or the next victim might be Tess herself.

Tinged with the supernatural and overshadowed by the mountains’ lush, protective presence, this twisting psychological mystery is the first in A Murder in the Mountains Series.



At the start of this book, I was captured by the characters and the storyline propelled itself from there.  The plot was amazing, but honestly I probably would have kept reading just for the great characters Heather created.  I loved that Tess Spencer was married. This is very unusual in fiction. Normally the lead character is single, which lends itself to a love story. As a huge fan of romance, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this approach as much. I’m happy to report that I did! Heather did a great job of keeping the romantic vibe going with her married characters and even gave us some fun dating scenes between her brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

The setting was a huge part of the story. I enjoyed how Heather used the town and the woods in the book. The setting is almost its own character. It added a fun layer of suspense and drama. Having never been to the Appalachian mountains, I certainly felt like I knew exactly what it would be like to live there. Heather’s level of detail and description were executed perfectly. I never felt bogged down in the details, but always understood the setting and enjoyed it so much.
This storyline is about so much more than a murder. It’s about a woman who is learning to love and trust on a deeper level. If you enjoy a good mystery, with a little bit of suspense thrown in, then this book will keep you turning the pages way past your bedtime.


Heather Gilbert graciously gifted a signed paperback copy for one reader.

If you would like to win a copy of her book, please take a moment to follow my blog and leave a comment!

A winner will be selected on Sunday, March 29th.


 HEATHER DAY GILBERT has independently published four books. Her debut novel,God’s Daughter, has remained on the Amazon Norse Bestseller list and Amazon Norse Top-Ranked list for over one year. Her contemporary Heather Day Gilbertmystery, Miranda Warning, is the successful start to the Murder in the Mountains series. Her Indie Publishing Handbook: Four Key Elements for the Self-Publisher shares focused advice on four key steps in the indie publication process. You can find Heather at her website, She is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

24 thoughts on “Book Review/Giveaway: Miranda Warning”

  1. Whoo! Congrats, Karen! Hope you enjoy Miranda Warning! And thanks again for the great review, Stacey. Hope everyone gets a chance to read it sometime! 🙂


  2. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest for a paperback copy of Heather’s new book, Miranda Warning.

    A big congrats is being sent out to Karen G. who won the free copy! Karen, check your email for a note from me.

    I used a random number generator to select the winner. She was the lucky winner tonight, but please check back. I’ll have another giveaway/review posted soon.

    Happy Reading!


  3. This sounds like a wonderful book! Your review is very informative and positive! I’ve read a couple of other books based in the Appalachian Mountains recently, and I’m interested in exploring more of those stories. Thank you and Heather Day Gilbert for providing a gift copy!


  4. Thanks for the review. Love reading New author and book to add to my list. Love stories around the Appalachian mountains. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Miranda Warning.


  5. Murder, mystery, and mountains sounds like an awesome book. My family roots stem from the mountains of West Virginia, so I would love the setting and the characters.


  6. I hope I am not too late, I just found this give-away. You are a new-to-me author and I would love to win and read your book.


  7. Thanks so much for the thorough review, Stacey! Glad you enjoyed the characters so much. That’s so important to me! And glad you got that WV vibe from the setting, too! 🙂


  8. You always find the coolest books!! Long wish list and this one is on it! Thanks for finding good reads 🙂


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