Are you an Overcomer?

Life is hard.

Everyday we face challenges, moments that overwhelm even the most positive people. In those seconds we make a choice: we choose to become discouraged and give up or persevere and overcome.  WheNelson Mandelan we decide we are going to stick with it and try again, we become an overcomer.

My 9 year-old daughter enjoys making balloon animals. She received a kit on her eighth birthday from my sister-in-law, my daughter has worked to improve her balloon making skills.  She is able to make a variety of items. She will watch a professional make an item only to come home and duplicate that same design. God gave her a talent for it, but it’s also a skill she has worked hard to develop. I share this with you, because today she was working on a particularly difficult flower design and became discouraged. She finally decided she shouldn’t make balloon animals anymore. Her growing frustration turned to anger, before she finally gave up in tears.

God spoke directly to my heart in that moment. I was folding clothes in the other room, but was listening to her vent over how hard it was to do. I could tell she wasn’t handling it well, but this is an area I’ve been praying about for my daughter, so I hung back to see how it would all play out. Ready to step in, if I was needed.

Yet in that moment God pricked my heart. I’m a writer. I believe I’ve been called to write for His Glory. He places incredible stories in my mind and I love writing them down, but at the last writer’s conference I attended in September I was challenged to write in a different style. It’s not a style that comes naturally, so I’ve struggled.  The book I’m re-writing has been re-started no less than 6 times.

As I stood in the next room and listened to my daughter, I silently prayed she wouldn’t give up. As I prayed God brought that book to my mind. He doesn’t want me to give up either. There is a story to be told and He pricked my heart reminding me that I have an unfinished job.

1 john 5I stopped folding clothes and walked into the toy room. Sitting across from my fair haired daughter I gently stilled her hands. She had moved onto to another craft, but the agitation was still evident in her face. “We never give up. Take a break, walk away for a bit and clear your head, but then try again.” I stared deep into her trusting eyes. “I know you can do this.”

“It’s too hard.” She complained, resignation written plainly on her face.

“I know it’s hard, but there are times when Mommy has a hard time writing. That doesn’t mean I quit. I may take a break, like I did over Christmas, but then I start back up. We don’t quit.”

She nodded. A bit of peace returned to her expression as she relaxed.

I’m learning that we all face these choices.  It doesn’t matter if you are 9 years-old or well past your twenties. We can walk away or we can fight on and overcome our fears and challenges.

My word for 2015 is OVERCOME! I will overcome my fear of not being able to re-write this book. I will not give in to this fear. I will keep trying until it’s done right.  It’s about perseverance and overcoming the obstacles.

Celebrate 2015 with me. Happy New Year!


Word of Year 2014- Gratitude

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