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It’s Not Good-bye

I was only 19, but I knew nothing could stop me. It was a normal January day when I walked into my Mom’s job and told her my exciting news. I was moving to Florida! I remember counting the days until I could leave. I wanted independence so badly. It was the start of my adult life and I embraced each day with youthful freedom. While my Mom stood by watching me with her own mixed emotions.

Now 20 years later, I stand on the other side of our relationship. Today my Mom left to start her own adventure. Her employer decided to send her to Malaysia for a temporary assignment of 2-3 years. How does a daughter say good-bye to her Mom? Well… she doesn’t. She just ignores that her Mom is leaving, because it is truly easier to act like everything is okay. It wasn’t until tonight as I prayed for her long plane ride, that God brought to mind my own move so many years ago.

I think I understand a little bit better how much her heart broke the day I drove away. Yes, I was an adult and it was time for me to start my life. Yes, she is my Mom and I will be okay with her living halfway around the world. But, saying good-bye to your Mom is never easy.

So, I promise to save all my funny stories for our phone calls. I will miss our weekly dinners, but that will just make our visits even more special. It is with a heavy heart I send my Mom off on her next chapter. But, it is with a grateful heart I hear people promising to pray for her, because I know God has His hand on her and that is the best possible way to live.

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Until we talk again, Mom… we love you!

May God keep you safe as you enjoy every moment of your new adventure.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Good-bye”

  1. Boy, do I remember that conversation all those years ago. I was so scared but so proud that you were going out to explore your world. I’m in Malaysia, tired, but safe. Thanks for all your support sweetie, I’m sure The Lord has a super plan for me while I’m here. Love you


  2. Well said. I agree there is nothing as hard as saying goodbye to your Mom. I know she will hurry home and I am so grateful she has this adventure in front of her.


  3. Ok lil missy. You almost got me on this one. First if all thank goodness you are an adult or I would pack my bags to go stay with you till your mother returns. I know chuck has room. Lol. I too have tried not to think on it to much. Your words are a beautiful tribute to your relationship with your mother. I could feel your emotion. I love your mother and especially her daughters. Xo


  4. oh, how happy for her (for the adventure), sad for you. when’s she leaving? i’ll be your surrogate mom while she’s gone!!!!!!


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