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May His Peace Be Yours

Laura Frantz has mentioned, Jesus Calling, a daily devotional by Sarah Young on her blog. After reading a few excerpts I decided to purchase a copy of this devotional for myself.  It is one of the best purchases I have made this year.

Yesterday was not one of my better days.  We all have them. Things happen and before long we are deep in the pits of “one of those days”. I spent a lot of time in the Word late yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t ready my daily devotional from Jesus Calling.  I wish I would have because I just read it… it was GOOD!  I am sharing it with you in hopes it will encourage and brighten someone’s day, drawing them closer to the One who grants true peace.

Jesus Calling, February 13

PEACE BE WITH YOU! Ever since the resurrection, this has been my watchword to those who yearn for Me. As you sit quietly, let My Peace settle over you and enfold you in My loving Presence. To provide this radiant Peace for you, I died a criminal’s death. Receive My Peace abundantly and thankfully. It is a rare treasure, dazzling in delicate beauty, yet strong enough to withstand all onslaughts. Wear My Peace with regal dignity. It will keep your heart and mind close to Mine.

John 20:19, John 14:27Mountain River

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