Let the Blog Hop Continue: The Next Big Thing

Thanks Bethany Macmanus, A Noise in the Night for inviting me to hop onto the blog tour.  I love to talk about writing, so how could I resist the opportunity to talk about my current project?

What is the title of your book? It is currently titled, Love for Aline.  This is called a working title, because when it is (hopefully) picked up by a publishing house they may decide to change the title.

Where did the idea for your book come from? Last May, my husband and I took an amazing trip to New Orleans via train.  It was romantic and perfect!  Dan planned every detail and that made it even more special, since I am the planner in our relationship.  At the time of our trip, I was writing contemporary women’s fiction.   Well, I was trying to finish a story, but I was struggling with a case of writer’s block.  On the train ride Dan asked me about my writing, I opened up and told him through tears about my lack of writing and my fears.  He reminded me that a few months prior I had felt God’s prompting to write historical. He gently asked, “Did you think that God’s prompting and your lack of writing are tied together?” Sometimes, when we are in the middle of the forest it hard to see the trees and this was one of those moments.  I acknowledged the possibility and again prayed that God would release me from writing historical fiction.  I just really didn’t want to write historical! It isn’t that I don’t love history.  I do!  I have always LOVED history; in fact I prefer to read historical romance over any other genre. But, writing a historical takes an incredible amount of research and to be honest; I just couldn’t see myself being good at it.

We arrived in New Orleans that night and took a taxi to our Bed and Breakfast, Ashton’s.  The moment we entered the foyer I felt something special.  Perhaps it was the history of the home, it was built in 1861, or maybe God was trying to get my attention.  The next day using my thirst for history, I asked the owner of the inn, Patrick, as many questions about the house as I could possibly think of while sitting at breakfast.  By the following morning, I knew there was story that had to be told.  I didn’t know who it would be about or what would happen, but I knew that it would be based in New Orleans 1860.  I took pictures of this marvelous home and we returned home Sunday afternoon.

I began my research on the Bed and Breakfast once we returned home.  It didn’t take long to find family records, slave sales, employment data, military records and my passion was ignited. I had a story and suddenly a historical writer was born.

What genre does your book fall under? Historical Romance

What characters would you choose to play your main characters in a movie rendition?  Aline would be played by Alexis Bledel.  She would have to change her hair color to black and it would need to be slightly curly, but other than that she is a good match.  She is petite in stature with translucent skin and stunning blue eyes.  Aline is feisty in temperament, and I could see this girl being as good match for Alexander or Louis.Alexis Bledel- Aline

Alexander St. James is the rouge, so he is a little rough around the edges, but still refined enough to mix in polite society.  He is viewed as exciting by the ladies because he is slightly dangerous, but he is still easily accepted by the men and women.  The only thing I would change is that Alexander has green eyes in the book.  I wonder how Bradley Cooper would look with green eyes.bradley cooper

Louis Martyn completes our love triangle.  He is French by birth with dark hair and blue eyes.  He is athletic in build and overly confident in his mannerism, but will also be your best friend in time of need.  While I would love Matt Bomer, I want to save him to play her brother in another book.  Instead, I think that a good match for Louis is Henry Cavill.  He fits the character perfectly. He has a strong presence without needing to say a word.Henry-Cavill

Give a one sentence summary of your book. Alexander St. James wants to marry Aline Marchon for the business connections such an alliance would bring his family, but Aline’s heart belongs to another, Louis Martyn, and she is determined to prove her independence whatever the cost.  (I am pretty sure that is the longest sentence ever. 🙂 )

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? I intend to go the traditional path and use an agency, but I am open to whatever door God might open in the future.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?   It is still brewing, but should be finished in March.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Love Finds You in New Orleans, Louisiana by Christa Allan

Who or what inspired you to write this book?   This is God’s story to tell.  I am blessed beyond belief that He would use me in such a profound way.  I just pray that this book will honor Him and be a blessing to those who read it.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? If you go to Ashton’s website, then you will see a picture of the B&B, which is how I try to describe Aline’s home in the book.  I loosely based the Marchon home on Aston’s.

2 thoughts on “Let the Blog Hop Continue: The Next Big Thing”

  1. I love the actors you picked. I didn’t think about Alexis for Aline, she’s so much like a couple of my daughters I had a hard time picturing anyone else. Can’t wait to read the rest of the book.


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