Human Trafficking


I believe that in everyone’s life there comes a moment when you know the right thing to do. Perhaps you are struggling with school, career, marriage, or children. We all face decisions on a daily basis that affect the rest of our lives.

The question is: Are we strong enough to do the right thing?

This isn’t a blog post about what to cook for dinner or what book to read. This is about our children. The lost souls trapped in a world they didn’t create or deserve. How can we rescue them if we don’t know how to help?

Some facts (supplied by MOVEment):

Every day, every 30 seconds, someone is sold into the sex trade. This isnpimpa‘t prostitution- let’s call it what it is: slavery.  This is a human being who’s forced to work in an industry that few ever escape. 27 million -45 million people are in bondage worldwide. It’s difficult to know exactly because this is an industry that many don’t survive or escape. It’s estimated 80% of those being held are women, half of those are under the age of 18. The average age is 12 years old.

Olivia* is a victim of trafficking. She is one of the few survivors. When I met Olivia I was struck by two things: her beauty and a sense of peace, a calmness, that drew me in. Olivia was a teen when an older man began to court her. Expensive gifts, an understanding voice in a world filled with drama, he was her calm in a storm raging at home, and a place of hope. She finally understood that she was worthy of love and attention. He proved it through his actions and words.

One day, she didn’t go home. He took her to a trailer. Her happily ever after soon turned into a nightmare. She was sold repeatedly, she was a form of payment for gambling debts he couldn’t afford. For years she lived in fear of this man and his ability to kill her family or herself. He was a master manipulator.


They look for victims who come from a broken home, don’t get along with their parents, who are loners. They prey on the weak and broken. They isolate these girls into believing they are the only ones who understand them. It might take years of building this trust before the victim seeks out this “savior” wanting to believe they are loved and understood. Did you catch that last sentence…. it might take YEARS. Yes, these predators will spend years building trust. They wait for the victim to reach out to them.

By the time reality hits, it’s too late, they are trapped.

Our time to act is now, we need to educate our kids and friends. We need to stop this insanity.

How can you help?

Join the MOVEment. Their goal is to educate our teens. Educated means protected. If they know the signs, then they will make informed decisions.

The Polaris Project

Shared Hope (Renting Lacy is a POWERFUL read)

10 thoughts on “MOVEment”

  1. Stacy I spent 30 years in the business and the business you talk about was going pretty good back then. It is full blow attack on society now. Great job informing the public. Larry A. Smith

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  2. Thank you for writing and sharing our video, Stacey. Thank you for caring so much for those still in slavery. You are beyond amazing

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